Adaptive Query Processing based on Degree Information

This page demonstrates the main result of our paper Trade-offs in Static and Dynamic Evaluation of Hierarchical Queries :

Given a hierarchical query with factorization width $\mathsf{w}$, a database of size $N$, and $\epsilon \in [0,1]$, we can compute in time $\mathcal{O}(N^{1 + (\mathsf{w} -1)\epsilon})$ a data structure that allows the enumeration of the query result with $\mathcal{O}(N^{1-\epsilon})$ delay.

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Static width $\mathsf{w}$ = {{widths.static_width}}

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Preprocessing time: {{widths.static_width == 2 ? '1 + ' : '1 + ' + (widths.static_width - 1)}}$\epsilon$

Preprocessing time: 1

Amortized update time: {{widths.delta_width == 1 ? '' : widths.delta_width}}$\epsilon$

Amortized update time: {{widths.delta_width == 1 ? '' : widths.delta_width}}

Enumeration delay: 1 $-$ $\epsilon$

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